Stop raids.
Protect members.

Take advantage of high-accuracy browser and user verification methods.

Please wait whilst we check your browser.

Bulit-in request screening.

Block VPN and proxy connections from verifying and use our bot detection systems to protect your server.

Put an end to ban evaders.

Easily IP ban users and all their alts at once using one command.

Transparent pricing.



20,000 verification requests a month

  •  Branded verification page
  •  CAPTCHAs provided by hCaptcha
  •  VPN and Tor detection
  •  4 workflow rules
  •  24/7 uptime



50,000 verification requests a month

  • Everything from Basic plus:
  •  Log successful verification requests to Discord
  •  IP checking and assessment handled by us
  •  CAPTCHAs provided by reCAPTCHA
  •  Smart verification mode
  •  5 workflow rules



100,000 verification requests a month

  • Everything from Protect plus:
  •  No branding on verification page
  •  Custom verification URL (coming soon)
  •  Access to BETA Premium features
  •  10 workflow rules



5,000 verification requests a month

Designed for small servers and communities. Verification pages have advertisements on them and the CAPTCHA difficulty is restricted to Easy. Attack Mode is included but may not be left on all the time. No VPN detection will be provided in this plan at all. Only 3 workflow rules allowed. Not to be used for commercial servers or ones run by businsesses.

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